My name is Marion, I'm a slutwife with a never ending hunger for cocks. Welcome to my life! I'm no girl of the industry, I'm a real woman, a real wife that loves to have fun with guys. Lots of guys. The more the merrier. Call me a true gangbang cum slut... I'm happy about that.

I started swinging 20 years ago and quickly my husband started to take pics and videos from all my kinky escapades. I had my first gangbang in 1997, my first gangbang with 20+ guys in 2000, my biggest gangbang was a party with over 100 guys. By the time I'm writing these words over 5000 guys have fucked and creamed me... and I'm still counting since I'm still doing dogging and gangbang escapades frequently.

On my website you always get TRUE REALITY PORN. Nothing is staged here. There are no scripts, no actors. My escapades take place at real public locations, such as Adult Theaters, rest areas, public beaches, clubs and pubs and so on. Most of the guys using/fucking/creaming me are real strangers... guys I've never seen before. Now lean back and enjoy my naughty swinging life. [read more]







This set of photos with over 80 pics was taken during a nightly gangbang at the rest area, where I got fucked and creamed by 12 strangers. Remember that this is not staged, it's true reality porn shot at a dogging spot with total anonymous strangers using me. Usually I like to play in broad daylight, but now during the winter months it's getting dark very early and so, as I arrived at tis rest area at 7 in the evening, it was dark as midnight. I left my car and paraded at the rest stop and saw several other cars parking there and some guys parading as well. Quickly I leaned back in the trunk and spreaded my legs and my husband started to film. It's so easy to get me some cock and cum at places like this and in this case the trunk of my car was quickly surrounded by a group of guys, standing in the darkness, some of them wanking their cocks. Only a few minutes later I got fucked by the first one doggy, replaced by a second guy who banged me missionary. That was the starting signal for all the guys in the darkness. As usual at the dogging spots, the guys are hesitating first, but once they see that this girl is ready for fun, they quickly lose their inhibitions and stand in line to give me cock and cum. All in all I got banged and creamed by 12 different strangers that night. Oh... and don't forget to watch the corresponding movie which you'll find in the member area too.


The member gangbangs at the apartment, filmed in late 2018, continue. I had two gangbangs on two consecutive days and this is the first movie of the day 2 gangbang, with a duration of over 30 minutes, where I got used seven members. I had a few days off and booked a holiday apartment at the sea. I wanted to enjoy some cocks at the apartment. So I placed another ad at my party scheduler in the member area, where I was looking for some guys who want to use me at the apartment. The apartment wasn't big enough for a huge party, so I reduced the number of guys who are able to join the bang to a maximum of eight. But at the end there were so many guys who wanted to join the party, that I decided to do two gangbangs on two consecutive days. Finally there were six guys banging me on Day One and seven guys using me on Day Two. After adding the day 1 movies to the member area a few weeks ago, now here is the movie displaying the day 2 party. You will see, this second gangbang even topped the first one. All the guys mounted me again and again, with up to three guys using me together, but also many one on one situations. For over five hours I was the cum slut for all of them again and again and got load after load in my mouth, in my puss, on my ass, since all of them used me twice at least. If you like what you see in this movie, don't forget to visit the party scheduler in my member area, since I am always looking for guys to do parties like this with me.


This brand new set of pics was shot on January/18/2019. I placed another ad at the party scheduler in my member area, where I was looking for some guys who want to celebrate my birthday with me. Be sure, this is my favourite way of celebrating my birthday... with a few guys banging and creaming me. I don't do birthday sex parties every year, the last one was in January 2017, but this year I felt it was time again to do such a party. But this year I gave it a little twist, since I wanted those guys using me in a 1 on 1 setting, with only one guy fucking and creaming me at a time and then getting replaced by the next one and so on. I thought about the location for this party, maybe a club or a porn theater? But then my husband came up with the idea of booking a cheap motel room and let the guys use me there. And that was a good idea, a motel room is the perfect place for a 1 on 1 gangbang and furthermore I hadn't done a hotel or motel party for a very long time. So I booked the room for January/18, placed the ad and limited the number of guys who could join the party to a maximum of ten. Finally eight guys arrived that evening who banged and creamed me one after another, as requested. Some of them even returned for a second fuck, so all in all I was a very busy motel cum slut that night. I had placed two cams beside the bed, so the entire birthday party was caught on tape and this photo set with over 80 good quality HD stills displays the beginning of the party and the first three guys using me. The corresponding movie is coming soon.


This is the third episode filmed during the longest dogging escapade I ever enjoyed. For over six hours I cruised the local dogging spots, looking for cock and cum and this movie series (with 4 movies all in all) displays this day. Most of the action took place at a huge but not too overcrowded area, with lots of park benches, small pathes leading from here to there and many hidden places to enjoy some cock. A true paradise for doggers! I was so thrilled that I stayed at this area for over 6 hours! There was no plan to stay there for such a long time, but I just couldn't get enough and so I continued to let strangers use me until the sun went down. To cut a long story short: I had fun with plenty of guys during this six-hours period, all of them anonymous strangers of course. I sucked and fucked them at the benches, at the car, in the bushes, on the pathes... just everywhere. They shot their loads in my mouth, on my face and some of them even in my cunt, so you wcan watch plenty of cumshots and creampies in these movies. Of course my husband followed me and caught everything I did that day on cam! This is the third episode filmed that day. Enjoy.


The photos in this set with 100 new pics were shot during one of my most recent beach holidays. As usual I wanted to have as much fun as possible. This time I tried out a new beach where I was never before and that was a good decision, since it was a perfect place for a swinging slut like me. I read about that place in the internet, which seemed to be a good dogging spot for swingers. As I arrived I saw a wide but narrow beach bounded by high dunes. More important, I saw some guys walking up and down the beach and a few lying on their towels at the dunes. Maybe doggers, but all in all the place seemed very lonesome. Which is good. I can't do waht I want to do on beaches that are too busy. In this set you can perfectly see how it works to get me some casual encounters on beaches. In the first half of the set you can watch me showing off by standing and lying in the sand and in the water and presenting my bare tits and shaved cunt. In the second half you'll see that I was successful in attracting attention. I'm sucking and fucking strangers cocks, at the water and later on my towel, with one cock in my puss and one in my mouth. Man, I just love to get spit-roasted in public. That day I had fun with five different guys. Yes, I'm a true public slut.


I don't lose any time because I want the new year 2019 to be a very kinky and exciting one. This is a brand new movie, filmed one week ago, so it's the first bang of the new year! During the winter months I prefer to visit the local Adult Theaters or swingers clubs to get me some cock and cum and this time I chose the club option, since I was hot and I know that I am always getting enough cocks to satisfy my needs at the club. It was early evening as I arrived and I saw that it wasn't a very busy place, there were maybe 8 or 10 guys hanging around. The early evening hours are not the rush hours at swingers clubs. But I just wanted some quick gangbang fun with casual encounters and there were enough guys to get me what I wanted. Quickly I placed myself on one of the tables, with my legs wide open and ready to get banged easily with the guys standing in front of the table and fucking me mindlessly. Hubby placed one cam behind the table and held another one in his hands and so we were ready to start. The first two guys accepted the invitation, came to the table, unzipped their pants and used me quickly. Five more guys followed and all seven cocks then started to take turn on me. Some fucked me bare and some not, some shot their loads in my puss and some in my mouth. All in all it was a very satisfying first gangbang of the year and I hope many more will follow in 2019.



This set of photos displays another hot escapade shot in 2018, where I was used by some strangers in the bushes of a highway rest area. All in all I got fucked by six guys during this escapade, which you can also watch in the corresponding movie in the member area. But while some of them fucked me, some got sucked off and shooting their loads on my face and I even got some golden showers. This was a new dogging spot for me, a place which is right next to the highway. One of my members gave me a note and said he loves my dogging movies. He said he's a passionate dogger too and he knows many great outdoor spots, worth a look for a slut like me. Well, this guy told me about this dogging spot at the highway and a few weeks later I tried out that place. And the guy was right: It is a perfect place, it's even better than the other dogging spot at the highway that I used to visit frequently. There is a long way leading around a small lake. The lake is surrounded by bushes and there several benches. So, I can perfectly attract attention at the benches and once I have found someone to have fun with, I can slip into the bushes and get me some cock and cum. Or, which was the case this time, even some golden showers ;)


This is the second and final movie filmed on the beach during my most recent holidays at the sea in September 2018. During these holidays I had two gangbangs at the apartment on the first two days and on the third day I just wanted to relax on the beach. My husband decided to stay at the apartment. Eventually I didn't want to get in touch with guys that day, but just as I wanted to leave the apartment I grabbed the camera bag and two short tripods, just in case I'd change my mind and finding someone to have fun with. I went to the nude beach, which is a very lonely place in the off-peak seasons and there I relaxed for the next two hours. And as always I got turned on only by lying there... nude beaches always turn me on. I started to film myself with my cell phone and a selfie stick, later I placed one of the cams behind me, filming myself lying on the beach with the water in the beackground, my legs wide open and stroking myself. I saw some single guys lying on the beach too, not far away from my place. To cut the matter short... in the frist movie you could see me sucking and fucking some of them at the towel and right behind my place in the bushes and now I continue to serve strangers. There are some very nice self-filming scenes in this movie. This is the second and final movie I have filmed that day.




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