My Name is Marion, I'm a slutwife with a never ending hunger for cocks. Welcome to my life!

I'm no girl of the industry, I'm a REAL wife and I have sex with REAL men, not actors. So this is a REAL site about my life. And my life is about having sex with as many guys as possible. I'm cruising the nation to suck off and fuck every guy I meet. I love to eat cum. I love gangbangs, I love bukkake, the more cocks and cum the merrier.

There are no staged settings, NO FAKED PLACES, only real guys fucking me at real public locations, such as adult theaters, pubs, bars, clubs, carparks, woods etc. My husband always escorts me, he loves to film all the dirty things I'm doing with the many 100s of cocks. [read more]










We have completed the second and final movie of the awesome cumshot party filmed in March 2016. In the first movie you can see me swallowing the first 18 loads, now in this second movie you can watch me getting the loads 19-37 shot in my mouth. I was visiting my favourite pub again, to get me as much cock and cum as possible. I know the owner of this place for many years now and he allows me to use it for my sex parties outside his regular opening hours. This time I wanted to swallow as much cum as possible, so I set up a sex party for my members and fans who wanted to use as their cum dump. The feedback was overwhelming and at the end there were 20 guys waiting for me at the bar. I quickly got to work on serving the men who wanted to be served and soon got my first load, while the other guys surrounded me, waiting for their turn. Actually I wanted to switch now, to the more comfortable seat areas of the pub, but then cock after cock replaced the first one, a non-stop parade of cocks, and so I just stayed there at the bar, on my knees, and I swallowed load after load. I sucked all 20 cocks off, some of them even two times. At the end of the day I had had 37 loads in my mouth. Each load was caught on tape. Now here is the second and final movie my husband has filmed that day. Enjoy.

Details: Duration 24 min. Quality High Res (700 MB and 260 MB). Download and stream.


This photo set was shot during a gangbang party at a hotel room. Five guys are gangbanging me here and especially my butt and butthole was the centre of attraction this evening. One of the guys just started to fuck my ass and once the others heard me crying out loud, while I got pounded in my ass, all of them used my backdoor as their favourite hole during the rest of the party. I got double penetrated several times, with one cock in my puss and one in my butt and man, do these guys fucked me into coma or what? Never before I was sodomized for so long and so often and at the end of the party my butthole was really sore. But nevertheless I was happy girl. I just love to please my lovers and if that means they will fuck my backdoor until it is a wide open wound, I will be happy. So, good job, guys, let me be your anal bitch ;)


This is me being the center of attraction for 8 guys in our bedroom. It was awesome! Usually I don't play at home, I prefer to go out to clubs, theaters or dogging spots. But this time everything was a bit different. I was so incredibly hot again, but our car was at the garage, no chance to drive to my favourite places. What do do? It was Friday and my husband came up with the idea to send around a newsletter and telling our users I was in need for some cock, with the chance for everybody to fuck me in our bedroom on the next day. No sooner said than done! Next day, Saturday evening, 8 guys arrived at our house and my husband led them into the bedroom immediately where I was waiting for them, wearing a black-lace-dress, stockings, bare tits, open wet hole. I also put on a golden eye mask, really don't know why, I just felt so. I knew two of the guys from recent gangbangs, but six of them were completely fresh faces I had never seen before. And did these bastards bang me into coma this evening or what? They were hungry, I was hungry, a great spontaneous gangbang with all of them fucking me several times in our bedroom. Here comes the full 35 minutes version, everything my husband has caught on tape that night.

Details: Duration 35 min. Quality High Res (560 and 350 MB). Download and stream.


Now here's a set of photos shot last weekend (on April-23-2016) with me showing off and fooling around at my car. This was shot right before I got fucked and bred on the driver's seat. Brand new stuff once again. As you might know - I love dogging and I love car sex. So I thinks the time is right to tell you about a very special plan I want to realize this year: In the year 2016 I want to get fucked BY MORE MEN at the local dogging spots (carparks, lakes, rest areas, beaches) than ever before! The highest amount of cocks fucking me outdoors was in the year 2014 (81 different guys) and this year I want to top that! To realize the plan I have add a special page to my member area where I count all the cocks I have fucked in public this year and which I will regularly update. But, that's not all: As a member YOU can also be a part of this plan and fuck me at the dogging spots. I need many many cocks this year, more than I will probably usually find at the dogging spots, so I need your help! For the non-members I have add a preview DOGGING 2016 page. There you can read everything about my plan to fuck at least 100 different guys at public places in the year 2016!


Man, this was so hot and it's totally brand new stuff! This movie was filmed yesterday. Yes, that's right, YESTERDAY, on April-23-2016. A new definition of brand new I guess, fucked in my car yesterday, edited and finished movie online today. You know I like to have some kinky dogging fun. There are different ways of dogging and one of them is to have fun in cars. I love car sex! Especially when I'm sitting on the driver's seat and opening the car door to let some hands and cocks and tongues inside my car. This car sex movie was filmed on one of the many dogging spots I know and as you will see I got banged so good this time. Got some raw cocks deep in my puss, an adorable thick creampie and another huge cum load exploded in my mouth. At this place it was not so busy this time, but I sure got what I needed. Enjoy this first car sex movie filmed in 2016!

Details: Duration 20 min. Quality Full HD and High Res (750 and 240 MB). Download and stream.


These ultra HD formatted photos were shot in March 2016, right before the awesome cumshot party started, where I wanted to swallow as much cum as possible. Here you can watch me sitting at the bar, wasting time, waiting for the time to come. At that time I am alone in the bar, I am waiting for cocks, so I grab this huge giant dildo, a good old friend of mine, and play with him. I guess you never saw a girl at the bar doing things like this, right? But I'm sure you never saw what happened next, at least you never saw anything similar in your favourite hometown bar: Shortly after these photos were taken I went down to my knees and started to suck off cocks. Plenty of cocks. And I swallowed load after load. At the end of that day I had had 37 loads in my mouth. Just go to the April/01 site update to watch the movie showing this awesome cumswallowing night. Now here are the pre-party photos. Enjoy.



This was another not-staged sex party at my favourite local swingers club, with loud music and many people hanging around, most of them single guys, but also a few couples sitting at the bar. The owner of the club knows me for many years now and whenever I pass the doors to his club he knows that I want to enjoy as much cock as possible this night. Usually he just then let every guy in his club know, that I am waiting for them in the backroom, ready to get fucked, ready to suck them all off. And when I sit down in the backroom (where the kinky things usually happen) I'm quickly surrounded by guys and most of them are more than willing to feed me cock. Nowadays I am well known at the club, almost a bit famous, since I run this site for many years now (I hate it when guys treat me like a famous pornstar, I'm still just a slutwife who want to get laid down), so many guys recognize me once I pass the doors, which actually makes it easier for me to let the good things start. The guys know what I want and so do I. This time I swallowed 15 loads and got fucked by 10 guys. Another massive gangbang which totally satisfied my needs.

Details: Duration 27 min. Quality HD and High Res (1000 and 290 MB). Download and stream.




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