My Name is Marion, I'm a slutwife with a never ending hunger for cocks. Welcome to my life!

I'm no girl of the industry, I'm a REAL wife and I have sex with REAL men, not actors. So this is a REAL site about my life. And my life is about having sex with as many guys as possible. I'm cruising the nation to suck off and fuck every guy I meet. I love to eat cum. I love gangbangs, I love bukkake, the more cocks and cum the merrier.

There are no staged settings, NO FAKED PLACES, only real guys fucking me at real public locations, such as adult theaters, pubs, bars, clubs, carparks, woods etc. My husband always escorts me, he loves to film all the dirty things I'm doing with the many 100s of cocks. [read more]




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Brand new movie again, filmed a week ago. My mate Nicole and me drove to a local Adult Theater. It's a big one I go to occasionally, with several cinema rooms and a smaller dark area in the back of the theater. This time I brought my lovely mate with me and all we had to do was set up in the back and any guys who wanted to fuck us were more than welcome. Please keep in mind again, that there are only the guys in the movie who didn't mind being recorded. I guess the total for the evening was 20 or 25 guys who either used me or my mate or both, including the clerk at the counter, who made sure to stop back at the end of the night. Now here's the full version, all my husband has filmed this night. Again, this is not staged, it's true reality porn with real strangers using us. Enjoy.

Details: Duration 23 min. HD and High Res (600 and 270 MB). Download and stream.


Another set of photos shot earlier this year. Watch me and my blonde young mate Nikki getting fucked and creamed by lots of guys at the highway. I tried out this dogging place several times before, it's a rest area at the highway with a small path leading into the bushes. There you can do whatever you want to do, right next to the highway. The cars are rushing on by (clearly audible in the corresponding movie), only a few steps away from the place where some guys run a train on you. Simply awesome. This time my girlfriend Nikki wanted to escort me, getting some cock too, so I turned on my Newsletter and asked for some guys who want to gangbang us two girls at this rest area. I got a huge amount of responses, far too many to invite them all, but at the end there were 15 men awaiting us in the bushes and using us. Thank you guys, for spending us your cocks and cum during this wonderful afternoon at the highway!


This is the second and final part of the September 2014 car park gangbang, filmed during my most recent vacation time. I read about this fine dogging place, a car park right next to a mall, only a few miles away from my holiday resort. One night I decided to check it out. Once I arrived I saw a typical rest area and dogging scenery. It was very dark but I saw lots of cars and some men cruising around, walking in the shadows of the lanterns. I got out of the car and started showing off. Some men came up to see what's going on there and soon I was surrounded a group of strangers. I got used by the first one and the second. I wanted to have much fun, so all of them were welcome. Just keep in mind there are only the guys in the movie who didn't mind being recorded. All in all I got used by over 10 strangers that night, fucking me inside and outside the car.

Details: Duration 18 min. HD and High Res (500 and 250 MB). Download and stream.


Here I tried out a new sex club 300 miles away from my hometown. And believe me, it was a great evening. 30 guys gang banged me into coma and gave me so many sticky loads to eat that I lost count. Actually there was no plan to fuck the entire audience, I really just wanted to give this club a try, but once a bad girl like me starts to fuck and suck cocks she just can't stop until everybody has mounted her. And I really mean EVERYBODY. There was no guy in this club who didn't use me by either fucking me, getting sucked off or at least shooting his load on me. Taking all cummers in a club or a theater is just the best way to satisfy my needs. By the way there was a second girl in the back having as much fun as I had, but you know I like to share cocks.


Oh yeah more fun at the nude beach. As I said before, during the past 12 months I took several vacations at different beaches at the ocean. I always choose beaches that are well known for discreet public fun, dogging spots for swingers, because I know it's easier to get me some cock there. This is the second and final part of my most recent beach adventure. Movie starts about two hours after what was shown in part one. I'm fooling around at the beach again, then starting sucking off my husbands dick. Of course these dirty things soon attract attention by some men. Two guys first, then three and finally five men are watching us. Hubby says that it's okay to get in touch with me, I need it bad and they can use me if they want. Four of them are taking the offer. Now for the next two hours all those strangers are using me, two of them are really big and massy guys and they nearly take my breath away as they lie on top of me. But they screw me good and I cum twice as they both shoot their loads into my cunt. Wow! What a great afternoon at the beach!

Details: Duration 23 min. HD and High Res (630 and 270 MB). Download and stream.


These photos were shot only 3 days ago, on November/01/2014. A boring Saturday afternoon, and nothing to so, so I decided to pay the local Adult Theater a visit. As usual my husband grabbed his cam and escorted me. Once in the theater - which is a huge one with lots of video boothes and several cinema rooms with big screens - I saw that is was not a very busy place. Only a few guys crawling around at the dark floors and rooms. But since I was there I wanted to have some fun and so my husband did and so he began to take some photos of me showing off and playing with myself inside a video booth. Of course this attracted attention by some guys, who watched us taking the pics. Then I went into one of the bigger cinema rooms and my husband continued taking photos of me. Now one of the watching guys came nearer, then a second one and both started to jerk off their cocks in front of me. Without saying a word I helped them out by giving them a blowjob. Only my husband said he would continue taking photos and they both agreed. Now I had a not staged, spontanous mini gangbang, as the two guys took turns at fucking me. Not bad for a boring Saturday afternoon ;)


I just love being a cum slut for everybody. I'm happy with one dick in my mouth and one in my cunt. But I'm happiest with a large room full of guys waiting for their turn, replacing their predecessors once they have finished using and abusing me. A never-ending line of cocks, a never-ending stream of cum. This is where I belong. You know I'm doing things like this for such a long time now but I still can't get enough cock and cum. Old cocks, young cocks, ugly cocks, 10 cocks, 20 cocks, 50 cocks, I don't care. I need all of them. This movie was taken during one of my huge gangbang parties, with a room full of guys and all of them using and abusing me all night long. This 20 minutes movie is all my husband has filmed this night, though there was much more action. But anyway, you will see, that this was an awesome party. Please don't forget to announce to my next party to be the next in line to fuck me.

Details: Duration 20 min. High Res (300 MB). Download and stream.


Last month we have added the movie of the great September 2014 car park gangbang to the member area, now here is the corresponding photo set. During my vacation in early September, I read about this fine dogging place, a car park right next to a mall, only a few miles away from my holiday resort. One night I decided to check it out. Once I arrived I saw a typical rest area dogging scenery. It was very dark but I saw lots of cars and some men cruising around, walking in the shadows of the lanterns. I got out of the car and started showing off. Some men came up to see what's going on there and soon I was surrounded a group of strangers. A few minutes later I sucked off the first cocks and quickly one of them fucked me in my car. All in all 10 guys passed me around that night, fucking me in and out of the car. Of course my husband escorted me once again and shot a great movie. Now here are 100+ stills from this dogging day.


This is a brand new public gangbang movie, which was filmed a few weeks ago. It's me and my adorable young mate Nicole getting gangbanged by 20 guys at a public park. All of these guys are totally strangers, men we have never seen before. My husband and me we met Nicole at a carpark a few steps away from this park and together we went to the place where we intended to have some fun. This place is known as a dogging spot and as we started fooling around while sitting on a trunk, we soon attract attention from lots of guys, noticing these two dressed-to-fuck sluts are probably ready to get used. And be sure we were ready! I quickly started sucking off some cocks and I saw the crowd got bigger and bigger, surrounding and watching us, while Nicole did the same. So many guys standing amidst the trees, waiting for their turn. Great. All in all we got used by 20 men this afternoon. A fantastic public gangbang!

Details: Duration 18 min. Quality HD and High Res (500 and 250 MB). Download and stream.


This photo set contains absolutely fresh stuff. My husband took these pics only 3 days ago, on October-18-2014. We decided to go for a walk. There is this river only a few miles away from our house, with a long promenade at the riverside. At one point there is this railroad bridge with the tracks leading into a forest. We took some hot pics six months ago on this bridge but now I wanted to follow the tracks. I wore a long beige coat with nothing more than grey stockings, knee-high boots and a funny lumberjack shirt under it. A perfect outfit to do some spontaneous flashing pics. The set starts with me walking along the river, then I'm showing off right there on the tracks, later you can see me going down and dirty there, by sucking a cock off and getting fucked. By the way, we were interrupted by an older woman with two dogs, coming along the tracks, just as I had that big cock in my puss. Very funny ;)


Last week one of my members has sent me a mail, telling me that he really likes to watch everything I'm doing, but he said the spit roasting scenes are his absolutely favourite. You know, the scenes with me in doggy position, with one cock in my mouth and one in my puss or ass, fucking me simultaneously. That gave me an idea. You'll find spit roasting scenes in almost every movie on my site, but a long video full packed with these double penetration kink? Not really. So I wanted to fill in the blank and now here it is. Full packed with scenes of me spitted between two or three cocks, shot at different gangbang parties, combined to one hot movie. Did I mentioned that this is one of my favourite ways of getting used by cocks? I just love to get double or triple penetrated ;)

Details: Duration 18 min. Quality High Res (370 MB). Download and stream.





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