My Name is Marion, I'm a slutwife with a never ending hunger for cocks. Welcome to my life!

I'm no girl of the industry, I'm a REAL wife and I have sex with REAL men, not actors. So this is a REAL site about my life. And my life is about having sex with as many guys as possible. I'm cruising the nation to suck off and fuck every guy I meet. I love to eat cum. I love gangbangs, I love bukkake, the more cocks and cum the merrier.

There are no staged settings, NO FAKED PLACES, only real guys fucking me at real public locations, such as adult theaters, pubs, bars, clubs, carparks, woods etc. My husband always escorts me, he loves to film all the dirty things I'm doing with the many 100s of cocks. [read more]




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Now here's the first movie from last weekends sex party with over 30 men. Filmed on December-13-2014. This movie contains all the scenes with me fixed in the pillory, getting used and fucked by several guys. This is how the party started. One of the guys set me up in the pillory, with my head and arms fixed and my ass up in the air, ready to get fucked by everybody. For a while I got banged in this position, then I had to turn round, now with my head up and some more guys fucked me missionary styled, while my arms and head were still fixed. 30 minutes and several cocks later the guys released me and took me to another table where they continued to fuck me. This was just awesome! By the way, it wasn't the first time I was gangbanged in a pillory, but this is the first pillary movie ever, since we never took a movie from such a gangbang before. Enjoy the movie, it contains the complete pillory gangbang, everything my husband has filmed.

Details: Duration 20 min. HD and High Res (540 and 240 MB). Download and stream.


Absolutely fresh and brand new photos, shot just 3 days ago, on December-13-2014. This was this year's December sex party, with me being the center of attraction for a room full of guys again. You know, I'm doing December or Christmas parties every year and traditionally this party is always the final big one for the current year. This time the gangbang started in the afternoon and over 30 guys arrived to use me, most of them were strangers to me, guys I had never seen before. In the beginning someone set me up in a pillory, with my head and arms fixed and my ass up in the air, ready to get fucked by everybody. For a while I got banged in the pillory, then the guys released me and took me to another table where they continued to fuck me. Later I got cum covered by lots of cocks while lying on a couch and kneeing on the ground. Simply a great party, where my husband has filmed hours of hot stuff. Now here's the first set of pics, showing me lying on the couch, getting drenched in cum. The first movie is coming this Friday, containing the scenes with me getting gangbanged in the pillory. Stay tuned.



Here's a little christmas set, especially for all my members and friends out there. Not forgetting all my lovers, who frequently use me and satisfy my needs.


Not me. Not my cunt. Not my hunger for cocks and cum. It's you and ONLY YOU who make me run this site!

So - take this set as a BIG THANXXX to everybody out there who's supporting me and my site!

Kisses, Marion (written on December-16-2014)

(full christmas set in the member area)


This movie was taped in the middle of October 2014, so it's another brand new adventure. I was dogging at a river only a few miles away from our house, with a long promenade at the riverside. There is this railroad bridge with the tracks leading into a forest, which is a good dogging spot, a place to meet other people for casual sex. This time I met two guys and just as my husband started filming me dogging at the river, these guys arrived. They were watching me playing with myself but it didn't take lonk until I had their cocks in my mouth. But this time I was in the right mood for some really kinky fun, so I went down on my knees, opened my mouth and let the guys use me as their urinal. One of them even shot his spunk into my mouth, right after he had let his bladder loose. Just great. Now have fun with this brand new, very fetish and very kinky movie.

Details: Duration 20 min. HD and High Res (510 and 220 MB). Download and stream.


Another huge new photo set from the night at the local swingers club where I got 47 cumshots on my face and tongue. Yes, 47 cumshots in one night, simply awesome. If you like watching a woman's face getting covered in cum extremely, you may find this photo set exciting. This was filmed during one of my cumshot record parties, where I tried to crack my old cumshot records. Here over 50 men arrived to help me cracking my old cumshot record. At that time the old record was 62 cumshots in one night. So, I failed to crack the record, but nevertheless I had some big sticky fun. And I think you'll agree that 47 cumshots in one night is not bad at all. Now here's another bunch of photos with 140 new pics from this party. The original four-parted 80 min movie from is also available in the member area of course.


From time to time I'm doing gangbangs especially for my members, where my fans and friends can join the party to fuck and cream me. This movie was taped during one of these member gangbangs. I booked a hotel room and waited for the things to come. As the party started at 7 pm, the first four guys were entering the room, and later some more cocks joined the gangbang. All in all there were 10 members who used me during the next 4 hours. As it started, three of them bound me by fixing my arms and legs to the bedposts. Now I was helpless and ready for all of them to run a train on me. A hot degrading gangbang, great. They fill up my holes with their tongues, toys, fingers and cocks. I'm always enjoying being abused like that. And you will also hear it, since I have some heavy orgasms in this movie. Now here's the first full length part of this gangbang night with the first couple of guys using me. Enjoy.

Details: Duration 26 min. High Res Quality (400 MB). Download and stream.


Brand new photos, shot earlier this year, where I serviced some cocks on the balcony of the holiday resort. I invited some guys to our apartment, which had a balcony right next to the ocean. As the first one knocked at the door I was prepared, I wore some of my stockings, a black corset and high boots. I thought it would be great to have fun on the balcony, so I started sucking the first guy off, before I bent over the balcony rail for a good doggy fuck. And while I got fucked I had this great view on the water, simply awesome. Then my husband replaced him and they both took turn using me. Later another guy knocked at the door, joining the team and using me like a slut as well. We had to interrupt the action several times since there were people walking down at the water. Very risky, very funny. Enjoy.


This is the second half of what happens 3 months ago, in August 2014, right next to the interstate. After I was done with the first bunch of strangers (movie of this first round is already online) I returned to my car, taking a break. But during the break I saw more and more guys walking into the bushes. I thought I was done for that day, but as I saw all these new cocks cruising around I changed plan and went back into the bushes. Remember, this is a great dogging area with lots of guys cruising around, looking for casual sex with dirty sluts like me. Back in the bushes I sat down and started playing with myself once more, and soon I was surrounded by wanking cocks again. Of course I helped them all to unload, with mouth and hand and got lots of cumshots on my tits, on my face, in my mouth. Two or three of them even let their bladders loose and pissed on me. Yummy. Well, this was really not bad for a spontaneous midweek dogging adventure.

Details: Duration 19 min. HD and High Res (520 and 230 MB). Download and stream.


This was absolutely awesome, a totally spontaneous gangbang set up in a swingers club. I just had a day off and drove to the club I go to occasionally. There was no plan to get a gangbang that night. While my husband stayed home I just sat at the bar, took a few drinks, held some talks. There was a bit swinging action with a few couples in the back of the club, but really not much action. At one point the club owner set up a pillory on one of tables and asked if I would like to have some fun. Well, this guy knew me well. Like nobody's business I was placed into the neck and wrist bar of the pillory and locked in tightly. Now totally helpless, several guys came closer and just a few seconds later I felt the first cock trying to find a way into my tight ass. Yes, this bastard just fucked me in my ass without saying a word. I loved it and cried for more. So, soon he was replaced by a few more guys, all of them ass fucking me, while some others tried to unload by fucking my tightly locked fist. What a great spontaneous orgy! The club owner shot a lot of pics of this anal gangbang, which I now share with you. Enjoy.


Brand new movie again, filmed a week ago. My mate Nicole and me drove to a local Adult Theater. It's a big one I go to occasionally, with several cinema rooms and a smaller dark area in the back of the theater. This time I brought my lovely mate with me and all we had to do was set up in the back and any guys who wanted to fuck us were more than welcome. Please keep in mind again, that there are only the guys in the movie who didn't mind being recorded. I guess the total for the evening was 20 or 25 guys who either used me or my mate or both, including the clerk at the counter, who made sure to stop back at the end of the night. Now here's the full version, all my husband has filmed this night. Again, this is not staged, it's true reality porn with real strangers using us. Enjoy.

Details: Duration 23 min. HD and High Res (600 and 270 MB). Download and stream.





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