My Name is Marion, I'm a slutwife with a never ending hunger for cocks. Welcome to my life!

I'm no girl of the industry, I'm a REAL wife and I have sex with REAL men, not actors. So this is a REAL site about my life. And my life is about having sex with as many guys as possible. I'm cruising the nation to suck off and fuck every guy I meet. I love to eat cum. I love gangbangs, I love bukkake, the more cocks and cum the merrier.

There are no staged settings, NO FAKED PLACES, only real guys fucking me at real public locations, such as adult theaters, pubs, bars, clubs, carparks, woods etc. My husband always escorts me, he loves to film all the dirty things I'm doing with the many 100s of cocks. [read more]







This movie was shot on Day 2 of my May 2016 beach vacation. The Day 1 beach gangbang movie is already online, now here cums the movie my husband has taped on the second day. After I got laid down by five guys in the dunes the day before, I even topped that and got used by 7 strangers on day two. I made an appointment with some of the day one guys and so three of them returned to the beach and fucked me again on day two. The party was completed by four casual strangers who saw me servicing cocks in the dunes and took their chance to get their free blowjob and a fuck. In this movie you can watch me sucking and fucking two guys on the beach, only a few steps away from the sea, then the action continues in the dunes, now with all of the guys mounting me. Most of them are barebacking me and I'm swallowing a few huge loads and even got some nice creampies. This was a damn hot beach gangbang, I just love to be a cum dump for strangers.

Details: Duration 25 min. Quality HD and SD (800 MB and 250 MB). Download and stream.


I love to go down and dirty this way. These brand new photos were taken two weeks ago, during a hot session with my husband and two of his buddies. These bastards not only wanted me to be their cum slut as usual, this time they wanted to treat me like a true sex slave. They bounded and chained me, they blindfolded and even spanked me while they put their cocks in my mouth, pussy and ass. Oh yes, sometimes I really like to be a sex slave for my lovers and I get off several times when I get used this way. In this set you can see me on my knees, blindfolded, and one of the guys is fucking my mouth, he is holding my head while he rams his big dick deep into my throat. He is shooting his load in my mouth quickly. Now as I open my mouth and a thick stream of spunk is dripping out of the corner of my mouth, the guy starts to push the load back into my mouth. That's good, you know I love cum and don't to waste a drop ;)


Filmed a couple of weeks ago, you can watch me getting barebacked and creampied in the bushes right next to a lake in this movie. I tried out this place for the first time, it is a nice dogging spot to have some fun in public. I was escorted by my husband and his buddy and after they had taped me fooling around at the lake and playing with myself, I had to suck off both cocks right there and one of them even fucked me by the water. But the place was a bit too public, even for me, people from all around the lake could watch us and we didn't want to get caught in the act by families or something. And so we switched to the nearby bushes, only a few steps away from the lake. There the dudes continued to bareback me, right there on the hard forest floor, again and again, until both of them had shot their hot jizz into my pussy. God, I love to get barebacked und being a cum dump outdoors!

Details: Duration 23 min. Quality HD and SD (760 MB and 250 MB). Download and stream.


What about some more beach fun? This set of pics was shot during my May 2016 beach vacation. As I said before, I had much beach fun and many cocks on two days. The movie and the photos shot on day one are already online, now here comes a set of pics shot on day two. The corresponding day two movie is also coming this Friday. After I got laid down by five guys in the dunes the day before, I even topped that and got fucked and creamed by 7 guys on day two. I made an appointment with the day one guys and so three of them returned to the beach and fucked me again on day two. The party was completed by four casual strangers who saw me serving cocks and took their chance to get a free blowjob and a fuck. In this photo set you can watch me attracting attention and serving two cocks right beside the sea, then the action continues a few steps away in the dunes where all of the guys are banging my mouth or pussy. Again they didn't mind being recorded since my husband had masks for them. I swallowed a few huge loads and even got barebacked and creampied by some of them. Man, I just love being a naughty beach slut ;)


The scenes in this movie were filmed earlier this year in my favourite Adult Theater. I'm often visiting this place, especially in the winter months (during the summer months I prefer outdoor dogging). I see Adult Theaters, Video Arcades and Bookstores as a huge playground for adults. Really. When I'm entering the doors to a place like this I know that it's my playground for the next few hours. Especially for a slutwife like me. I almost never saw another woman or couple at these places, so, when I walk through the dark floors and cinema rooms I can be sure I WILL attract attention. It's so simple: Showing my tits, showing my stockings, a few words ('I like to suck cock') and I am surrounded by strangers and willing cock meat in a minute. I have been to my favourite theater four times this year and I always pulled gangbangs and trains. I was total theater whore! This movie shows scenes that were filmed at three different nights, with me sucking and fucking tons of cocks, swallowing cum and getting multiply creampied.

Details: Duration 22 min. Quality HD and SD (720 MB and 250 MB). Download and stream.


I do not normally post when I'm heading to a swingers club, but this time I wanted this to be a big night and so I put this in the member area and told all guys that I will be there and I wanted this to be a HUGE bang! And it was awesome. As I arrived at the club I saw plenty of guys, the standard visitors and guys that accepted my invitation. I had no time to lose since I wanted to get laid down all night, so I went straight to a big room with a black leather couch and placed myself on it. I undressed quickly, now almost naked, I only left my stockings and boots on. The first three guys had the courage to come nearer, I sucked the first cock, while another one rammed his meat into my pussy, without wasting any word on it. Great. I love it this way. I don't want to talk, I just want to be a piece of meat. From there it was groups of guys fucking my mouth and pussy literally allnight non-stop. At the end of the bang it was a total of 28 men who had used me! My husband has only take photos this night. Here's a set with 100 photos, all ultra HD sized. Don't ask for a movie, there is no movie, we only have these pics.


Brand new dogging, filmed on May/30/2016 at a highway. In the movie you will hear and see the cars rushing on by only a few metres away from the place where I suck and fuck strangers. Awesome! I parked my car at a highway rest area, which is a good dogging spot and where I used to have some dogging fun. It was 6 pm and the rest area was quite busy for a Monday evening. As I left the car and went into the bushes I quickly atrracted attention and saw some guys leaving their cars and following me. Once in the bushes I quickly got to work on serving the men who wanted to be served. There were maybe 10 or 12 guys standing amidst the trees, some of them with their pants down and wanking their cocks, while I sucked off the first two strangers. I proceeded to orally pleasure the next three guys and got fucked by another one right there on the ground. I stayed there for about two hours and all in all I sucked and fucked 10 guys that evening, swallowed five loads, got a few more on my tits and one in my cunt. That was a great dogging night!

Details: Duration 20 min. Quality HD and SD (750 MB and 250 MB). Download and stream.



Have I told you lately that I am really fired up for car sex and getting cum drenched and bred by strangers in my car? Man, I really love that! This is the corresponding photo set to the movie we have launched a few weeks ago, shot in April 2016. You know I like to have some kinky dogging fun. And there are so many different ways of dogging. One of them is to have fun in cars. Especially when I'm sitting on the driver's seat and opening the car door to let some hands and cocks and tongues inside my car. This was filmed at one of the many dogging spots I know. I placed two cams in my car which filmed the entire escapade. This time I got some raw cocks deep in my puss, an adorable thick creampie and another huge cum load exploded in my mouth. At this place it was not so busy this time, but I sure got what I needed.


One of my favourite swingers clubs hosted a special gangbang night party and as I heard about it, I thought this could be the right party for a slutwife like me. As I arrived early in the evening I saw the place was busy, plenty of guys hanging around, but I saw only two other women sitting at the bar and no action at all. Perfect! More cocks for me! So, I went straight to the big party room with that huge bed. There I placed myself with my legs wide open, showing all those strangers that here is a hot puss that is in need for cock, many cocks probably. It was my firm intention not to get up again until I was either fucked or at least cum drenched by every guy in the club. And that's what I did! These bastards banged me into coma and I'm pretty sure you will see and hear it in this movie. I'm crying out loud, I'm begging for more, all the time. Two hours later I was totally exhausted and left the party room as I realised that the entire audience had used me. My husband tried to record the entire gangbang, but keep in mind there are only the guys in this movie who didn't mind being recorded. All in all I got fucked by 25 guys that night, 15 of them are in the movie. This party was like Sodom and I loved it!

Details: Duration 23 min. Quality High Res (400 MB). Download and stream.





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