My Name is Marion, I'm a slutwife with a never ending hunger for cocks. Welcome to my life!

I'm no girl of the industry, I'm a REAL wife and I have sex with REAL men, not actors. So this is a REAL site about my life. And my life is about having sex with as many guys as possible. I'm cruising the nation to suck off and fuck every guy I meet. I love to eat cum. I love gangbangs, I love bukkake, the more cocks and cum the merrier.

There are no staged settings, NO FAKED PLACES, only real guys fucking me at real public locations, such as adult theaters, pubs, bars, clubs, carparks, woods etc. My husband always escorts me, he loves to film all the dirty things I'm doing with the many 100s of cocks. [read more]




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Another photo set shot during an afternoon at the highway, where I was the cum dump for plenty of strangers. Imagine you are driving on the interstate, you are bursting for a pee and so you stop at the next rest area, lock the car and run into the next bushes to let your bladder loose. And there you can see a slutty dressed whore on her knees, sucking off a cock, and some other cocks standing in line, waiting for their turn. You don't think this is plausible? Well, this is exactly what happened here and I do things like this frequently, since I love it. The photos in this set were taken at a busy dogging spot, a highway rest area with some huge bushes surrounding it. I was waiting in the bushes and all of the cocks I am sucking off are real strangers, mainly truckers who stopped at the rest area. It was awesome. Sucking, swallowing, next. Sucking, swallowing, next. And so on. At the end I had sucked off 20 cocks within 3 hours. Not bad ;)


Another awesome gangbang night and it was a huge party with over 25 guys either fucking me or shooting their loads into my mouth. Since I had this event also on the 'My Events' page in the member area, I knew there were also some of my members joining the party. But hell, this one grew up to a huge unexpected gangbang exploit. Maybe 6 or 8 members were there, but the rest of the horde were casual encounters. I just love taking on the entire audience and so I placed myself on a table, ready to get used by the entire audience. I saw many many guys surrounding me, wanking their cocks, before someone blindfolded me. Now guy by buy they used me, fucking my mouth, penetrating my cunt, jerking their loads on my tongue, for over 2 hours. My husband has not filmed the entire party, but this movie show all scenes he had caught on tape. Enjoy.

Details: Duration 20 min. Quality HD and High Res (600 and 200 MB). Download and stream.


This was filmed inside a swingers club, during its normal opening hours. It's a place full of people, totally overcrowded. Loud music, the smell of heat, beer and sex. It's totally dark there and somewhere in the midst of the crowd there is me, a naughty blindfolded slutwife ready to be the cum dumpster for all cocks. I just love sponteneous bukkake parties. This movie was once again filmed by my husband and you can see me getting 28 cumshots on my face and tongue in this movie. Yes, that's right, 28 cumshots at one go, just awesome. There is a cumshot counter in the movie so you will see I don't lie. As usual all those guys are strangers, men I have never seen before. Eventually it was much too dark to film, but my husband tried his best to caught it all on tape with his small camlight. So, the entire movie is too dark, but certainly better than nothing. Once again, this is totally not staged, true amateur porn.

Details: Duration 24 min. Quality High Res (360 MB). Download and stream.


As a member you know I love to spent my holidays and free days on the beach and during the past few years I had several vacations at the ocean. I just love the beach and the water and man, I really love to get used like a slut on those beaches. This photo set contains another 100 pics package, brimmed with brand new photos, shot during one of these vacations. This set shows the wide range of kinky things I like to do on beaches. It starts with me fooling around in the blue sea and later on the beach, where someone is fucking me bareback in the dunes. Then it continues on the beach where I attract another guy, who first fucks me too and even pisses me on at the end. God, I really love beach sex! And I don't give a damn if someone's watching me. Either he likes what he sees and maybe even wants to join the show, or he is a geek and geeks usually just run away when they realise what I am doing there. Can't await my next beach vacation (which will be in May 2016).


This is me and my beautiful blonde girlfriend Nicole getting gangbanged by plenty of strangers in the bushes of a public park. This is the movie that was filmed by Nicole's partner and his own cam. Until now there was the only the movie online that was filmed by my husband that day, but finally here's the movie filmed with the second cam. Nicole and me went to the place where we intended to have some fun. It's another well known dogging spot and as we started fooling around while sitting on a trunk. Soon we attracted attention from some guys. We were dressed like good sluts and so I guess these guys thought we would like to get used like good sluts. Quite right! I started sucking off the first few cocks, while Nikki did the same and we saw the crowd getting bigger and bigger quickly, surrounding and watching us. Many guys stood amidst the trees, waiting for their turn. All in all we got used by 20 men this afternoon. Just awesome. Remember that all of these guys were real strangers, men we had never seen before.

Details: Duration 24 min. Quality High Res and HD (260 and 670 MB). Download and stream.


Now here is a deeper look at the hot highway gangbang, happened in late Summer 2015. I had posted a few pics and the movie of this before, but now here is the first big photo set of this. I felt so hot and I knew it was time again to look for some cock at one of the local dogging spots. This time I decided to drive to the huge car park again, which is not far away from the highway and where I always find some strangers cocks who want to fuck me. I arrived in the early evening and I saw a few cars parking there and some guys walking around. We parked our car at the bottom end of the area. I opened the passenger door and started showing off at the car. Some guys came closer, one word led to another... and a few minutes later I sucked off the first cock. Soon I was surrounded by a horde of over 10 cocks, who all stood at the open car door, waiting for their turn. Of course I sucked them all off and a few guys even fucked me on the passenger seat. Got some nice facials and a few creampies. Yummy!


Now as promised here is the movie of the first 2016 exploit, taped on January 09, 2016, at the XPosed Adult Theater, showing me being the fuck slut and cum dump for 15 strangers. I wanted to start the new year with a huge gangbang, but I had not enough time for a hosted party at one of my favourite clubs, so I headed to the one place where I always find enough strangers who are willing to fuck me: The XPosed Adult Theater, a great place for casual encounters. I was there a month ago and now I returned for a bigger bang! My firm intention was that I didn't want to leave the theater, before I got fucked by at least 10 strangers. You know I just love marathon dick sucking and fucking, so I left the door of the big cinema room open and let all guys in who wanted to fuck me and didn't mind being recorded. In the movie you can see me getting fucked by all these guys, while there is a porn movie running on the big cinema screen behind me. Looks awesome. I stayed there for nearly 4 hours and all in all I got fucked by 12 strangers and sucked off a few more. Thank you my dear unknown guys, that was an awesome orgy!

Details: Duration 25 min. Quality High Res and HD (260 and 700 MB). Download and stream.




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